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 Site excavation at Mahram Bilqis
Major Excavation and Architectural Restoration
Plans are underway for the fourth and future field seasons which will concentrate on major excavation and architectural restoration. Continuing throughout this period will be the post field analysis and study including chemical and technological analysis of artifacts and radiocarbon dating for preparation of AFSM's English and Arabic publication program.

Fourth Season (February - May 2001)
For the AFSM's fourth season the GOAMN has proposed that the AFSM remove the sand from the Peristyle Hall of the Mahram Bilqis and excavate the new building discovered during its third season. By removing the sand buildup that has accumulated since Dr. Wendell Phillips and his team cleared the Peristyle Hall, the creation of a world class tourist attraction of this greatest cultural monument in Yemen and the largest pre-Islamic Temple in the Arabian Peninsula will be achieved. This will put the Mahram Bilqis and Yemen on the world stage.
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